February 15, 2016


volusialogo335A Living Treasure!

If you want your child to learn the solid basics of classical ballet and jazz that may give her/him the great advantage in her/his dance career, this is the studio. The students also learn the discipline that they need to succeed in any area of their chosen field in the future. At the same time, the children love the instructor, Ms. Nobuko. She is dedicated to teaching and love our children so much. I have not seen any place that the teacher cares so much for each and every one of her students. Some parents’ dedication are required especially around the recital time to bring your child on time to Saturday rehearsals. Her recitals are beautiful every year. I just don’t know how she puts it all together by herself. My daughter is on her 8th year and my son is on his 5th year there. We travel from Pierson to this studio, but it’s worth every mile!
Thank You!


My daughter has been coming here since she was in kindergarten. Nobuko has instilled discipline and self-confidence in my daughter. Nobuko is a living treasure, a perfectionist! And all the kids love her.


Nobuko’s studio is a no-frills studio where you *will* learn proper technique. She is a ballet professional with a love for children. What more could you ask for??? I believe Nobuko is a hidden gem in this area and we’re happy to have found her!
A Grateful Mom